Pucon thanks to its many natural attractions, its volcanic geography and abundant vegetation has a lot of excursions and activities that appeal to all ages and fitness levels. It is an invitation to adventure sports.

Among the main activities to do in the area viajesylugares, They include rafting descents through the Trancura, canopy, climb the volcano, visit to the thermal baths, among other.

Here are some of the main activities you can do in the area of ​​Pucon. Cabañas El Dorado does not offer any of these services, They are mentioned by way of customer information.


Around Pucon there are several spas offering the opportunity to relax in outdoor wells, carports or pools. The baths invite you to know the medicinal benefits of its waters, where temperatures fluctuate enter 38 ° C and 40 ° C. Guaranteed to provide an evening of unique relaxation.


In a voyage of more than 1 hour and half, descend the rapids grade 4 the Trancura, between native forests, captivating waterfalls and unique landscapes of the area. All this is is a journey full of adventure, beautiful passages and secured adrenaline. This activity in all city agencies includes guide, transport, safe and all necessary equipment. Minimum age 14 years, and it depends on the conditions of the river.


This decline is an ideal adventure for beginners, between rapids grade 2 Y 3, enjoyed an hour of excitement and entertainment, accompanied by lush native vegetation and varied bird life view. It includes the same as Trancura. Minimum age 8 years.


It consists of river rafting an individual boat (table), in which it has direct contact with water. It has special equipment that protects the lower body. Delivery contact with totally different water. It has an approximate duration of 1 hour.


It will start with a basic class on how to control the kayak before leaving the peninsula.
No experience required. Suitable for children, adults and families. It includes guide, transportation and all necessary equipment.


For something more exciting, you can enjoy more than 10 different lines between 40 Y 140 meters long, at a height of nearly 25 meters, designed to reach speeds between 20 Y 40 km/h. This activity in all city agencies includes a complete safety equipment. Minimum age 7 years, minimum weight 30 kg.


Relax with a walk around the lake, the best way to appreciate the panoramic views of the area. Enjoy the beaches and peninsulas of Pucon, and will have a breathtaking view of Villarrica volcano. To make preference between October and April.


The best way to enjoy fishing in the area is slowly down a river in a boat rowing. No previous experience is needed. Suitable for children and families. The tour can be taken as a kind of fly fishing or simply a walk in the calm waters of the river Liucura.


Just 35 km of Pucon adventure begins in the middle of this enchanting park. Millenary araucarias and native forests, They offer a welcome difficult to forget. You will find refreshing waterfalls and Andean lagoons in this attractive National Park.


During the ascent of the most active volcano in Chile will appreciate the best views in the region: lagos, fields and volcanoes. The experience and knowledge of the guides will allow you to enjoy a safe and highly entertaining adventure. fitness is required. It includes: helmet, piolet, waterproof pants, Crampones, gloves.


If you choose to know the area, approach places the icons and observe ancient forests, This is an ideal choice. From different area you can see the panoramic views of lakes and mountains before continue discovering the landscape, jumps and places characteristic of the area.


In the clear waters of the river Liucura, You can have a unique perspective of wildlife that lives nearby, being able to observe birds in the area in a privileged place for silence. Do not forget to get camera.


Is essentially a strategy game consisting of two opposing teams facing other players shooting. For this activity you receive a team consisting of a compressed air gun ammunition and eighty safety equipment. This activity is special for groups of people who want to have fun running between trees and combat stress.


Do not miss opportunity to demand is a little leg, accompanied by an expert guide who will take you through amazing trails, ensuring a fun and safe ride. It includes transportation, guide, mechanical assistance and insurance.


Club de Golf “Pucon Peninsula” You will have a spectacular view of the volcano and Lake Villarrica. Golf lessons available on request.


Discover the wild and unspoiled landscape riding through native forests. You will see beautiful landscapes and scenic native forests of the Villarrica Volcano. Will be accompanied by a guide who will ensure an unforgettable experience.