International road 1640 Pucón, Chile

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Frequent questions

How to get from Temuco? (106) KM

• Take Route 5 South Freire - Villarrica - Pucon.
• Passing the toll Freire, take right hand on the level step towards Villarrica.
• From Villarrica Costanera, continue to Pucon (27 km.)
• Enter the street downtown Pucon by O'hhigins.
• Continue on International Road extension. A 6 Cabañas El Dorado locate blocks on the left.

How to get from the Airport Pucon?

This service is only available during January and February.

• Take shuttle or taxi from the airport to Pucon
• From Pucon seek international road
• Continue to international road 1640, on the right hand.

How to get from the bus terminal in Pucon?

• Take Taxi
• Son 3 minute taxi ride from the terminal
• The value should be around $2.000 (3 dollars approx.)
• The taxi will leave you at the reception of our cabins.